“I often feel like my business is running me, rather than the other way round!”

“What’s the difference between my P&L and my Cashflow?”

“Are my business ratios running within acceptable limits?”

If you are struggling with the above and any one of a hundred other questions you may have about your business then why not let us produce a comprehensive and easy to understand report on how your livelihood is performing with simple recommendations on ways to control and improve the business.

For the best results, we would come to your business premises whilst you’re open and spend as much time as is necessary to get an overall picture of how your business is running and identify ways to help improve efficiency and productivity in conjunction with looking through your books to see what they can tell us.

If you don’t want your employees and/or customers to know, we can operate in “secret shopper mode” where possible when you’re open and look at the books when you’re closed. All different scenarios can be looked at as needed.

Just get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs without obligation.

MJD Accountancy Services, Newquay