Here at MJD Accountancy Services, we use most of the accounting software packages available on the market but our preferred choice is QuickBooks Online from Intuit Ltd. It is very user friendly and versatile and is the perfect solution if you want to do your bookkeeping in-house. We can access the software remotely in real time if you are having any problems and if your bank is supported under Open Banking regulations, you can connect your bank accounts and credit cards for a complete, real-time view of all your finances and cash flow and save yourself time inputting the data from your bank statements.

Training for QuickBooks is usually carried out at your premises as all necessary paperwork will be at hand. As a bonus, your books are being completed whilst the training is going on.

As an Advanced Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks, we can provide you with a copy of the software with at least 50% off the headline subscription rate on the QuickBooks website (the discount lasts for as long as you maintain the subscription). We provide basic or comprehensive training for you and/or your staff. If you have already taken out a subscription with QuickBooks, we can have the billing transferred over to us and you will receive the discount from the date of transfer.

Having someone in your organisation who is trained to use the software correctly, will ultimately save you money as we can have confidence in the information we extract to complete your accounts and tax return at the year end.

For details of the cost of QuickBooks Online training, check out our Fees page.